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Choose a popular brand, and one advertising example from that brand, and

discuss how the brand colours have been used according to the following:

Use Colour to Convey Information


The copper top, which ends up being an orange / yellow hue on most of the packaging, tells the consumer that the product is powerful, energetic, long-lasting and creates a feeling of positivity. The black represent sophistication, hight quality and assurance. I also believe that the use of the copper top on the black creates a positive versus negative visual, just like a battery has a positive and a negative charge.

Use Colour to Attract and Hold Attention


There is a high contrast  when it comes to the battery and the packaging. The battery has a “copper top” and the rest of the battery is black with “Duracell” written in white against the black, making the logo type very easy to read. I find the use of these colours stand out, but are still simple and uncomplicated. The packaging uses the brighter hues to appear almost like a rising sun. Even though some of the packaging uses other colours, they keep black and the order of how the colours appear on the packaging; black on the top and the

Use Colour to Position According to Context / Competition





Duracell uses Black and orange/yellow for their packaging, along with white for the logo. The battery is usually always visible when it comes to the packaging, so that consumers see the iconic “copper top”. No other battery has the black and copper combination, allowing Duracell to stand out. Most people see this battery and know what brand it is, where as other batteries, which may be one solid colour like  blue or silver, tend to all look the same.

I used Energizer Battery, another very popular brand of batteries, for comparison. Although the packaging is similar, the batteries themselves are very different. Both packaging uses see through plastic to showcase the difference between the use of colour for both.

Use Color to Assist in Mnemonic Value


As I mentioned earlier, Duracell uses a copper hued top that has a high contrast against a black body. The “copper top” is widely known as the Duracell battery by many people, as there are no other batteries with this colour combination. As well, the copper top is placed where the positive of a battery charge is located and the black is located where the negative charge of battery is located. This helps the consumer easily remember which way to place a battery.

Use of Color According to the Whole Composition


I feel like Duracell intentionally uses very few colours in order to keep the entire look of their battery and packaging simple, clean, and sophisticated. If they do use another colour, such as blue, it is very minimal and doesn’t take away from the signature orange/yellow and black. It is very recognizable and although it may not stand out visually as much as other flashier brands, it uses basic colours that people have come to recognize for a very long time.

Advertising Example: Duracell “Trust your Power” Commercial

Duracell often shows the importance and reliability of their batteries, where it really matters. In this commercial, Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman talks about how he never gave up, even though he is deaf. Duracell is the battery which allows his hearing aids to function and we see in this commercial how important a battery can be in helping someone achieve the seemingly impossible.