Colour Dominance

Use of Colour ( Composition is dominated by one single hue)

For this composition I created an abstract flower with an abstract, one-dimensional looking sunset. The pink stripes are representing the pinkish hue the sky can get when the sun is setting.

There are three main hues in this composition – Pink, yellow and green. I wanted pink to be the dominant colour in this composition, without being the only hue being used. I added a tint to the yellow, making it pastel, allowing the highly saturated  pink to come forward. The pastel yellow worked really well as the background.  The green although bright, had a bit more yellow added and the saturation decreased, so that it doesn’t compete with the pink.

The dominant hue is the pink, while the pastel yellow is the subordinate hue and the green is the highlight hue.


Composition by Kristen Pilling

 Strength of Hue

This is a photo of some cupcakes that we had as part of a catered graduation tea celebration where I work.

There are a variety of different hues in this composition – red, pastel pink, pastel blue and cream-white.

I believe that the strongest, most vibrant colour is the red cupcakes, although the blue cupcakes do stand out amongst the cream hues as well. However, the deep saturated hue of the red cupcakes stands out. You notice the pastel pink hue, but because these have much more of a tint than the red cupcakes, they tend to recede. The strength of the red hue is the most dominant.

I think for this composition the dominant hue is the red, while the subordinate hue is the cream and highlight hues could be either or both the pastel blue and the pastel pink.


Image taken by Kristen Pilling

Sharpness of Hue

I took a picture of a set of coloured pens that I have to show the sharpness of hue.

The pale blue pen is placed in the foreground and naturally draws the viewers eyes towards this item first. I believe because of the camera angle, your eye goes straight to the pale blue pen, although it may not be the most dominant coloured pen in the set. You see the entire lid of the pen, allowing you to take in all of the hue, while you only get to see half of the other lids, that recede as the perspective makes the other pens blur and appear smaller

For this composition, I think that the pale blue pen, because it is in the foreground is the dominant hue, while the brown hue is the subordinate hue and the accent hue is a combination of the orange and red pens.

C8 Master Application List

Image taken by Kristen Pilling

Contrast of Hue

For this composition, I created an abstract moon, broken up into various sized circles.

To create a contrast between hues, I used red-violet and violet for the abstract moon and a yellow-green hue for the background. The high saturation of the abstract moon and absence of having many other colours involved really allows for a strong contrast against the yellow-green. I added a tint to the background hue, so that it would recede to the back and wouldn’t compete with the deep, rich violet hues.

The red violet is the dominant hue, the yellow-green is the subordinate hue because it is the background colour, while the violet is the accent hue.

Composition by Kristen Pilling


Perceived Colour Usage (Intervals of Same Hue)

I created a mosaic-like composition using individual squares, in order to show the intervals of the same hue.

I decided to show the even intervals of value for this composition. The original hue that I began with is the top, left square. It is a highly saturated deep blue-green with a lot of shade. In order to create even intervals using this hue, I increased the brightness, running from right to left, kind of like a zig zag. Once I got to the brightest value, which is the third row down, far right, I began to decrease the value in order to go bad to get back to the original hue. I noticed that the columns running vertically on the left and right showed the intervals more unevenly.

I believe the dominant tint would the top and bottom rows because they are more saturated. The subordinate would be the second and fourth row and the accent would be the middle row would be the accent.

Composition by Kristen Pilling