Find two (2) advertising or artistic examples either online, in a magazine of how

you feel color is used in a way that successfully communicates with the viewer

and describe how and why you feel this has been achieved

This is an advertisement for Faber-Castell Pencil Crayons, which are a high-quality, artist grade product. I believe this print advertisement to be successful because as the viewer, I easily understood the correlation between the pencil crayon and the fire truck. With this pencil crayon, an artist can create realistic drawings, but more importantly, the colour is true to the real image of the fire truck.

The advertisement wants to show the comparison, and does so very simply but effectively. Because the ground of the image is a soft, faded grey, it really allows for the red hue to stand out, creating a great contrast. The red hue is very vibrant, but the different shades cool it off a tad so it’s not too harsh. I think what this advertisement does as well, is it makes the viewer feel like they can create anything with these pencil crayons. I think this ad evokes creativity and inspiration.


This is an advertisement done for Playland a couple of years ago. On one side of the advertisement, the man is shown going down the hill of the rollercoaster, and on the other side, it shows the same man tied up in a dark basement. The background of the image is darker, using blacks, blues and dark greys, while the man is illuminated with light and is wearing brighter colours. I think the dark colours are supposed to represent the fear while the brighter colours and the light is supposed to represent the fun, excitement and suspense.

When I first saw this ad, it made me laugh, because of the comparison being used. It’s making light of and kind of making fun of some of our deepest fears, like being kidnapped and tied up in a dark basement. Going on a roller coaster is an adrenaline rush, but going at night is even more of a rush. I think this advertisement is supposed to evoke humour, while being a little provocative at the same time.


Find one (1) advertising or artistic example online or from a magazine of how you

feel color is used in a way that is not successful in communicating with the

viewer, and potentially creating an adverse response. Describe how and why you

feel this has been achieved in your chosen example

This is a McDonald’s advertisement, advertising the Mc Cafe line of products, which are coffee based products. This is a picture of a coffee bean, which looks like a burger, which is what I think they were going for. However, when I first saw this ad, I thought it looked like an old, dry, gross burger that had been sitting in the sun for days. It reminded me of those experiments that people have been doing with McDonald’s food products, where they take a burger and put it in a jar for a year. The darkest shade of brown in the middle of the bean makes it look like an old beef patty.

I do understand they wanted to create a comparison, so that viewers would find instant familiarity with the brand, but this just didn’t work out at all. The use of the colours don’t do this ad any favours either. The ad is very monochromatic, which the coffee bean and the background are using different shades and tints of brown. I think this advertisement evokes a feeling of disgust, and doesn’t make the viewer want to try the coffee products, let alone eat the one product that makes McDonald’s famous-their burgers.