Abstract Colour Scheme – Warm / Cool / Mixed

1. Warm / Advancing Colours


For the warm hues, I used Oranges, Red-Oranges and Yellows. I think the viewer interprets this image and the colours as warm and sunny. Sun glasses are usually worn when it’s sunny outside and the sideways chevron almost looks like burst of sunlight escaping the top and bottom of the sunglasses. I think viewers would look at this and think about being on vacation on a beach somewhere very hot.

2. Cool / Receding Colours


With this image, the cool hues I used were Blues, Blue-Greens, Greens and Blue-Purples. I think the viewer might interpret this image as serious, confident and wealthy. Instead of the glasses looking like fun, sun glasses, they look like more serious reading glasses, and with the colours, especially the blues, the viewer might think this looks more high-class, almost royal.

3. Mix of Warm/ Avancing and Cool/Receding Colours Used Together


For mixing both warm and cool colours, I used oranges, blues, and greens. As opposed to the other two images, there is a lot of contrast created by the two very different colours. The oranges really pop out and there is a lot more dimension. I think the viewer might view this image as young, fun, childlike, and vibrant. I also think the viewer might think of this as slightly retro. I was inspired by 80’s art when I drew this. The 80’s were all about bright colours and this has a bit of an 80’s feel to it.