Tints of one hueIn this image, I used different tints of cyan. I feel this image offers a soothing, cool touch because the image itself is a hand and because of some of the softer tints. The tints along with the soft, round edges of the design are inviting and non aggressive. I liked playing around with the contrasts between the different tints. I found especially with the palm of the hand, there is a bit more depth shown, with the darker tint in the background and the lighter tints as the accents.

Although this hand is a female hand, it does have a masculine feel to it, with blue being traditionally associated with masculinity. Because of the way the hand is posed and because of the colours, I feel this image gives the feeling of strength and safety. Some of the darker tints could be seen as strength, wealth and security, whereas some of the softer tints could represent more tranquility and softness.

Shades of one hue


This hue is a blue violet and is quite dark, even with the lighter shades. I feel this image evokes darkness, power and evil. The reason I personally pull those feelings from this image is because the first thing that comes to mind when look at this hue and its shades are the villains in Disney movies, such as Cruela De Vil, Maleficent and Ursula just to name a few. They all have these purples, violet and blue violet hues and shades, whether it’s their makeup, skin or clothing.

The darkest shade of this hue has an intense saturation and I found it a little more challenging when trying to show the contrast between the darkest shade and the lightest.

I found that the hue and the shades created a slightly spooky, ghostly image with the hand and its shapes within.

These colours also represent royalty, prestige, power and wealth.


Tints of more than one hue


With this image, I used six different hues: Orange, Yellow, Green, Red and Magenta and Cyan. When I look at this image, it reminds me of being a child in kindergarten, tracing our hands and then painting them, getting a chance to use any colour we wanted. I think the brightness of the hues and the softness of the tints are playful, inviting and fun. I wanted to do a gradation of each hue on each finger with the tints to show how it looked from the more saturated hue to the lighter, paler tint.

I think  with the orange, yellow, red and magenta, there is a warmth that isn’t over powering and welcomes its viewers. Especially with the yellow and the orange hues, they evoke cheerfulness, energy, and positivity.

These hues are usually popular crayon and pencil crayons for children to use, because they are bright and cheerful.

Shades of more than one hue


For this image, I used five hues: Dark Red, Greenish Brown, Blue Violet, Violet, and Dark Green. These colours, especially the red, green-brown and the dark green remind me of fall and Thanksgiving. When the leaves on the trees start to change colour before they fall off the branches, they go from green to red, and often have a deep dark red, brown colour to them.

These colours make me feel relaxed and at ease. When I look at the dark red, it reminds of me pumpkin spice latte everything!

These colours in this image are also very popular in clothing, especially in the fall and winter time. People tend to wear darker colours and earth tones.

I find these hues and their shades to be warm, traditional and safe. They are highly saturated and very dark, with very little contrast between the shades.

Mix of tints and shades


For this image, I used a variety of tints and shades of yellow. I really wanted to show the wide spectrum from the darkest shades to the lightest tint with this hue.

This image, the hues and the mix of tints and shades reminds me of a couple of things. Being obsessed with food, it reminds me of mustard and relish and then makes me think of a hot dog. The bright yellow in the middle of the palm is mustard and the outside of the palm, is relish. The different tints and shades of this colour also have a retro look and feel to them. When I think of furniture in the late 60’s and 70’s, this hue along with the shades and tints was a popular one.

I really enjoyed the wide spectrum I was able to pull from this hue. There is a lot of depth and intensity. I was able to show a lot of contrast between the lightest tints and the darkest shades, which is why I used the darkest shade in the background and the lighter tints in the foreground.

I feel that this image represents cheerfulness, but is also very down to earth with the darker shades being represented.




Grey Scale


This image uses grey scale only. I do feel there is a darkness and an emotionally void feel I get when I look at this image. It reminds me of dark, stormy, unpredictable clouds. It rains a lot in Vancouver, so this image and the grey hue reminds me of this.

I did like the contrast that I found with the grey scale within the image. You have white which is associated with purity, goodness, cleanliness and then there is black which is associated with death, darkness and sometimes evil. The grey falls right between the middle, sort of like a cross between good and evil.

Grey can also be associated with aging, as some people’s hair go grey when they get older.